Clive Barker’s Undying/BioShock Infinite Theory: Aaron and Bethany Covenant are Robert and Rosalind Lutece

I’m pretty sure that, canonically, Aaron and Bethany Covenant from Clive Barker’s Undying are Robert and Rosalind Lutece from BioShock: Infinite.



Let’s see.  They’re twins, though Robert and Rosalind are really the same person from two different realities.  Let’s just pretend that in an alternate Undying reality, only Aaron existed in one “tear” (perhaps artificially created through a Time Incantation, similar to the one that Patrick used to get to the monaster) while only Bethany existed in the other.  (On a side note, how would their fates play out, then?  Bethany’s probably wouldn’t change with her being killed by Kiesinger, but Aaron…could die either from a drug overdose or be brutally killed by angry debt collectors in the same fashion in which Bethany canonically murdered him.)

Continuing…they’re red haired.  They come from the same time period, and are approximately the same age, give or take a few years.  Rosalind seems to regard things in the same cold way that Bethany does, and both are scientists.  Robert paints, like Aaron.  The boys are also “goofier” than their female counterparts, or at least more light-hearted.  Robert is seen juggling at one point, and Aaron…laughs a lot.  Possibly from his insanity, but I always interpreted it as his enjoyment from pulling pranks on Patrick (try saying that five times fast).  It’s actually possible that Aaron could’ve seen into Columbia through his drug use.  Oneiros and Eternal Autumn couldn’t have been the only worlds he envisioned, and it’s implied that there were many others, leading to his fatigue/insomnia.  Robert and Aaron were also involved in particularly nasty debts, Robert’s concerning Booker giving up his daughter to Comstock, Aaron’s concerning his own gambling addiction and drug abuse.  In some of the concept art, Robert’s seen with a mustache similar to Aaron’s.  Robert and Rosalind are English, whereas Aaron and Bethany are Irish with (presumably) English parents.

They bicker constantly.  Though the Lutece’s arguments are much less venomous than the Covenant’s.

Heck, even their hairstyles are similar.  Both Aaron and Robert brush their hair to the right, and Bethany and Rosalind pull their hair up.  And the four of them are associated with deceitful people named Jeremiah.  And they’re undead.  Aaron is a ghost, committed to his house, Bethany’s stuck in her realm of Eternal Autumn (though possibly able to leave judging by some deleted scenes), and the Luteces aren’t technically dead but scattered through time and space so that they can travel pretty much wherever they want whenever they want.

Okay, finalized theory: Robert and Rosalind are Aaron and Bethany.  They existed first.  They “died”, then were scattered across time and space.  They got bored at one point and opened a tear to 1910s Ireland.  In this alternate reality, they had three siblings, and coexisted.  Robert grew a mustache.  They started arguing over a family curse.  Rosalind did not kill her “brother”–he could not die.  Instead the debt collectors killed him and faked the journals written by her claiming she did it.  Rosalind thought she lost her brother and, in shock, acted like it never happened.  He started haunting her as a “ghost”.  Rosalind was “killed” by Kiesinger.  She was forced to remain in another tear that was known as Eternal Autumn.  Patrick Galloway came along and the events of the main game occurred.  Patrick killed Robert/Aaron.  Then he went to Eternal Autumn and killed Rosalind/Bethany.  They were reunited, forgave each other, and then the events of BioShock Infinite commenced at some point afterward.

Great, now I’m gonna start thinking of ways that Patrick could possibly be Booker.  But that’s another post for another day.

Oh, and you know this is gonna be an omake for the Undying manga.  Once I get far enough to make omakes legitimately.


9 Male Vampires Who Could Win in 9 Varying Fights Against Edward Cullen

I know, I know, I know, I KNOW.  This whole “list of vampires that are better than Edward” has been done quite possibly hundreds of times before.  However, I wanted to try something a bit different with it…at least I hope it’s different.  This is a list of different vampires who can pull something specific to each of their characters off that Edward Cullen has, but they do better, and how they do it better.  These aren’t all popular vampires, and I apologize in advance for my severe lack of Buffy knowledge.  I have never actually had the real opportunity to watch that show, even though I really should.  Maybe I’ll start watching it.  After I finish Cowboy Bebop.

I should also warn you that ahead there lie spoilers.  Ye been warned.

Well, without further ado…

Battle Number 1: Emotional Depth
Vladimir Tod vs. Edward Cullen

All right, I may be cheating a bit, considering that Vlad IS technically only a half-vampire.  But he still has vampire blood in his veins, so he counts.

This is a big one, especially for a protagonist who’s a teenage boy.  Well…sort of, for Edward.  Stuck as a teenage boy.  Teenagers in young adult novels, and most fiction, tend to be very generalized.  Few problems, overly emotional (and seem to exploit every minute out of it), everything plays out well in the end.  For Edward, this is exactly what happens.  This isn’t how a teenager’s life is.  For young Vlad?  Not so much, especially since he’s a much more obvious vampire.  By the end of the series, he’s suffered extreme school bullying, the loss of his parents, had to face the fact that his teacher, whom he had accused of trying to divulge his secret to the school was actually a vampire himself, and his uncle, the discovery that his dad was alive the whole time, but ended up being a scumbag who used him in the end, and the death of the woman who took him in when his parents died.  People often criticize Vlad’s character as being too emotional for a teenage boy.  That, to me, implies that teenagers don’t have emotions.  Not real ones, at least, or ones worth examining.  That is absolutely not true.  Imagine if you lost your parents when you were ten.  Maybe you did.  People don’t tend to get over that that easily.

Vlad is also wise beyond his years–arguably wiser than Edward, who’s exactly one hundred years older than him by the end of the Vladimir Tod series.  Yeah, he still goofs off at times and does some really stupid things.  But he’s still a kid, and proves that he can be flawed and still likeable, and doesn’t do anything too horrible.  Edward is flawed, but unintentionally.  Over time, he becomes (arguably) abusive towards Bella, as many other blogs will pick apart.  I do not own the Twilight books anymore (nice extra twenty-five dollars in my pocket courtesy of eBay), so I cannot go into an in-depth argument about this.  Vlad, meanwhile, respects the two female love interests he has over the course of the book for the most part.  He doesn’t go peeking into their windows at night, sabotaging their cars, or creepily staring at them.  The worst he’s probably done intentionally is make his eventual girlfriend Snow his drudge (or, his main source of blood and technical vampire slave–which is somewhat necessary, since he otherwise would start attacking other people as he matures), which he eventually releases her from after feeling guilty of doing this.

Battle #2: Tragic Past/Story in General
Barnabas Collins vs. Cullen

I will confess, I’ve only watched the Tim Burton Dark Shadows movie.  Which I loved.  Yeah, yeah, I’m ready for you guys to go all “Crucify her!  Crucify her!” on me.  It was goofy, but good.  I still need to watch the TV show.  Maybe I’ll do that before Buffy.  But I digress.

How much tragedy has Edward experiened in his life?  Yes, he lost his parents to an illness that he otherwise would have succumbed to had his adoptive Carlisle not changed him to a vampire.  Barnabas, meanwhile, was betrayed by his lover, forced into vampirism and buried alive for 175 years.  After being uncovered, he still has lady-related problems, the woman who transformed him is still alive and kicking, and he has become rather socially awkward due to being buried in time.  Edward’s had time to adjust, has for the most part, and he’s still, arguably, very creepy, with little excuse to be this.

Battle #3: Capability of Actually Doing Stuff
Prince LaCroix vs. Cullen

I'm not gonna lie, his facial expression is the exact look I get in real life when I get really annoyed.

I’m not gonna lie, his facial expression here is the exact look I get in real life when I’m genuinely annoyed.

Yeah, Sebastian LaCroix from Vampire: the Masquerade-Bloodlines is kind of an asshole, but even he’s a more competent vampire than Edward.

Edward’s family is remarkably rich.  Carlisle is a doctor, which brings in a good amount of money and Esme….is a housewife.  …Nah, enough rants’ve been done about this before.  However, Carlisle is not the vampire we’re discussing.  What’s Edward doing?  Going to public high school.  Again.  Despite already having been educated.  What did he do before that?  It’s never really explained.

Now, look at LaCroix.  He’s only about three years older (physically) than Edward.  Even before he was turned into a vampire, he fought in Waterloo, progressively ascending in the ranks.  During the events of the game, he is a part of the elite vampire clan (Ventrue), he owns a corporation–not sure what exactly it’s for, but it’s a corporation–commands the vampire population in LA, and can dominate others into doing what he needs them to do WITHOUT using sex appeal–mostly due to it, similar to the case of any Anne Rice vampire, being unnecessary.  I also dread the prospect of what his fangirls would do if he DID attempt to use the (subtle?) sex appeal Edward uses.

…Not that there’s a problem with that…we all have our…fandom obsessions…(shifty eyes)

Eheheheheheheh…eh, to be quite honest, until about a week ago, I never got the whole vampire attraction thing.  Now I do, thanks to this pixelated jerk.  >Proudly wears three-year-old I Kissed a Vampire and I Liked It t-shirt<

Edward, meanwhile, does this on several occasions, simply by looking at ladies in a weird way–if I’m not mistaken, to a waitress right after rescuing Bella from being raped.  And yet LaCroix is STILL considered a young, inexperienced vampire…and he’s almost a century OLDER than Edward.  Now what has Edward accomplished?  He seduced a teenage girl, married her fresh out of high school, and had a daughter.  …Not that great in comparison, even if there is a one hundred year difference.  You could’ve at least figured out that you can’t have an island off the coast of Brazil.  I mean…that’s fifth grade, at the latest.

Battle #4: Amount of Culture
Lestat vs. Cullen

Anyone who’s read the Vampire Chronicles knows that Lestat is a man of culture.  He loves pretty much anything from any time period that he’s lived through, spending the first few pages of the Vampire Lestat just passionately describing how much he ADORES the homage that modern musicians pay to that which he’s familiar with, with their Egyptian jewelery and strangely harmonic electric guitars.  Edward’s cultured, too, but hasn’t been around QUITE as long as Lestat.  He knows a good amount, but not as much.  Not really his fault.  He can speak Portuguese, has traveled a bit, and can play piano.  Lestat can speak French, plays the piano AND violin, and is in his own rock band.  This is a guy who grew up in 18th century France.  If that’s not cultured, at least that’s adaptive.

Battle #5: Care for Loved Ones
Silas (from the Graveyard Book) vs. Cullen

Apparently Silas from the Graveyard Book is a vampire.  I kind of forgot that after reading it.  Oh well, he counts!

In the Graveyard Book, we see a good amount of the boy Bod’s parents and their methods.  However, he usually will go to Silas whenever there’s a problem in his life, who gives him pretty much the same advice, if worded differently to suit Bod.  He’s not a lax guardian–he will tell Bod exactly what he should do in his situatin.  He is not always there for him, going on a temporary leave to take care of business, leaving the werewolf Ms. Lupescu to look after him, giving Bod the sense of independence that he ends up needing when he sets out on his own at sixteen, when he cannot see the ghosts in the graveyard any longer.  Edward lets his wife’s ex-sort-of-boyfriend imprint on his daughter so that he can be her love interest when she is fully grown.  At age seven.

I think it’s GIF time.

no me gusta

Battle #6: Capability of Being a Mentor
Larten Crepsley vs. Cullen

This is kind of cheating, too, since this is pretty much the same reason as Silas, but it’s also slightly different.  I haven’t even finished this series yet and I think this guy’s a better mentor than Edward.  After reluctantly transforming the main character Darren into a half-vampire, he remains a steadfast mentor, teaching him the ways of the vampire world, a world that they have no choice but to deal with.  Edward and his family try to escape this world.  And why?  So they don’t have to kill people for their blood.  Crepsley, meanwhile, tells Darren that vampires do not necessarily NEED to kill anyone for blood.  It’s actually more beneficial if they don’t.  Oh, and he actually makes certain that Darren remains responsible for his actions.  Something Edward NEVER teaches his daughter Renesmee.  Now that I think about it, do they ever even bond in Breaking Dawn?

Side note: when I started reading the first book, I finished almost all of it during my study hall period.  Almost.  When the bell rang, I was SHAKING, I needed to know what was going to happen.  I was quite literally going through Cirque du Freak Withdrawal.

Battle #7: Ability to Keep Audiences Entertained
The Count from Sesame Street vs. Cullen

Hey, he counts!  (Seriously, no pun intended.  I’m actually kind of kicking myself for that one.)

Edward is usually used either as the butt of the joke or the sex object of teenage girls and twi-moms alike.  Not really a big picture.  The Count, meanwhile, is capable of entertaining pretty much everyone in the world.  Do not tell me you don’t smile a bit when he goes: “One thingy!  AH AH AH!!  Two thingy!  AH AH AH!!”

Which begs the question: is the Count an active vampire?  Is vampirism encouraged in Sesame Street?  His skin’s pretty purple–that implies a LOT of blood.  Where’s the blood coming from?  Blood bags, like Vlad Tod?  Or from the source?  Who is the source?  Is there an entire clan of vampires in Sesame Street?  Do they KILL the sources?  Have I destroyed your childhood just yet?  SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Battle #8: Bad Acting
Dr. Richter Harris (D) vs. Cullen

This was quite literally the only picture that I could find of this character on Google.

Also, you probably don’t know who this character is.  Long story short, there was a fun if somewhat bad FMV game released in the mid-90s called D (guess what it stands fo–TOOLATE: DRACULA) about a twenty-something’s father who goes crazy, killing people at the local hospital and somehow transforming it into a creepy mansion full of puzzles and 90s graphics nostalgia.  That’s pretty much the plot.  Anyway, throughout the game, the guy keeps popping up going “LORRA.  LAUUURA.  LORRA.  IT’S YOOR FATHOR.  TURN BACK, LORRA.  WE ARE DRACULA.”  And if you read that in a slow-motion voice, I did it right.

And I kid you not, this is probably the only existing vampire whose acting is worse than Edward’s.  Besides maybe the characters in Queen of the Damned.  Still haven’t seen that allegedly God-awful movie yet.  Also, anyone think he looks like a middle aged LaCroix?  Probably just a coincidence.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.  (Quote stolen from Brentalfloss.)

Battle # 9: Just Plain Awesomeness Making a Vampire Iconic
Count Dracula vs. Cullen

I’m not necessarily cheating here.  Dracula ISN’T the only iconic vampire around.  Count Orlock, anyone?  The Count from Sesame Street?  Grandpa from the Munsters?  However, he was the first iconic vampire, and has set the typical criteria to be considered a vampire.  Set the basic rules.  Allergy to the sun?  Check.  Severe aversion to garlic?  Check.  Can transform into animals (bats in his case)?  Check.  Loves human blood?  Check.  You get the idea.  Basic vampiric criteria.  Let’s take (whoops, almost wrote ‘stake’) a look at Edward.

Allergy to the sun?  Well, he sparkles, and that’s a bit distracting, but not really.  Garlic allergy?  Nope.  Transfiguration?  Nope.  He can run really fast so it’s like he’s flying, but that barely counts.  Loves human blood?  Tries to avoid it, sticking only to animals.  Don’t get me wrong, you can take artistic license with a vampire.  But when it’s to the point that YOU (that’s right, the person who’s currently reading this) could be mistaken as a vampire just by wearing sparkly body lotion, taking a few years in track, and eating a lot of rare meat, there’s a wee bit of a problem.

Bram Stoker’s original Dracula, or Bela Lugosi’s, if you’re going by film, is a timeless image of a vampire.  Edward will last, most likely, only in the eyes of pop culture for another ten years or so.  He may pop up every once in a while after that, but the classic Dracula will keep invading more often, anyway.

Well, there ya have it.  Nine ways that Edward Cullen is not as good a vampire as nine others.  I realize I did not include a lot of iconic vampires that could have been on this list.  My apologies, once again, for this, I still have much to learn.  Thank you for reading.  Good evening.

Undying Manga-Chapter 1, Pages 1 and 2

Well, as promised, here’s the first two pages to the Undying manga project I’ve been working on.   Also, apologies for the pages being somewhat grainy.  I’ll probably work on that next, but if that doesn’t work out, hopefully it helps the old-timey atmosphere.   Manga reads right to left.

Undying 01-01

Undying 01-02

It kind of bothers me that the moon is in the opposite direction it was in the opening of the game.  But it was too late to change that once I inked it (something I didn’t do with the original draft frpm summer).

I might upload a chapter title page later, to either set the mood or just show little goofy omakes.  And, of course, to establish what chapter this is.  The battle scenes are proving to be a bit of work, however, so this may take some time.

Anyway, disclaimer below.


New Project-Manga Based off of Clive Barker’s Undying

Last summer, I came up with a project that I started to work on for a few days, but stopped after getting tired.  I decided to write a manga-version of Clive Barker’s Undying, which is a little too obviously my favorite video game, just for fun, and to improve my artistic abilities.  I was planning on publishing it on WordPress, but never got around to it–I had about twenty pages finished (or, the prologue to the game), but they felt a little too raw to actually publish.

So, I will be going back to his project shortly.  I probably won’t get more than a page or two finished a week, considering that I’m still in school, and will be for about another ten weeks.  In other words, this is a very, very, very, very, very long-term project, especially if I want to remain faithful to the source material.  I do not want to turn this into the Silent Hill movie (trust me, I liked it, but MAN it diverted way too much from the game).

Just so it’s known, I do NOT plan on making any sort of profit off of this.  I’m just a bored teenager who really needs something to do other than read bad Valvert fanfiction…some of which I may have written.  It’s a guilty pleasure, dammit!

I’ll also be trying to keep this from being a traditional manga.  I won’t go and make the entire male cast bishonen (most of them are, but not quite), I won’t start slashing people together (Aaron/Patrick was a joke, I swear), I won’t put random comedy in for no reason (though some amusing easter eggs may be referenced), or completely pointless story arcs.  I might try to include some things that weren’t included in the game (I managed to extract the sound files from the game and found some ee-nteresting stuff) to the best of my ability, but if it proves too difficult, I won’t.

Quite possibly expect a page or two next week.  Farewell, little moths~

Speaking of which, I found a moth today.  I named it Sander and chased it for a while.  It flew away.  I was lonely.  Forgive me for this pointless anecdote.

A Weird Theory: Vincent Lane from Daria could be the son of Sander Cohen from BioShock


I know I already did a theory about Sander Cohen’s father being James Franco’s Oz.  I don’t care, I can create his entire family tree if I want to.  It won’t necessarily be canonical, but I don’t care!  I don’t need to be judged by you, not by anyone!  Screw you!  Screw all you F–*whacked with Javert’s truncheon*

>Ten minutes and a brief therapy session with a stupid cop that isn’t a certified therapist later<

Okay.  Assume that Daria and BioShock are somehow in the same canon.  It’s possible.  No news of Rapture ever reached the surface in the “good” ending of BioShock.  Assume for some strange reason Sander Cohen had a one-night stand with some lovely lady or something (I know, he’s gay, but he’s an artist, he’s probably “experimented” at some point).  Somehow that lady and her child got to the surface without anyone noticing–it worked with Elaine McDonagh and Sophie, so why not?  The child grew up to be Vincent Lane, a photographer who raised a loving, dysfunctional family of quirky, possibly crazy artists.  Why did he grow up to be an artist?  Either it was in his blood, or his mum told him (most likely romanticized) stories about his dad.  Why did he decide to grow a mustache and style his hair like Cohen’s?  Either it’s a coincidence, or he just wanted to imitate him.

His age makes this possible, too.  Chances are Vincent is in his forties.  The main events of BioShock take place between the mid-50s and 60s.  Approximately forty years before the events of Daria.

This could also explain Vincent Lane’s various quirks.  For example, “hands-off parenting”–Sander stated that he always detested children in BioShock: Rapture.  Chances are, if he had one for some reason, he would want it to raise him/herself, because this is how he would want to be raised.  Also, weird “bedroom techniques”.  Need I bring up the octopus incident again concerning Sander, or his obvious bunny fetish?  Luckily, Vincent’s not so weird.  But he did say something in the episode “Lane Miserables” (no, I didn’t just happen to watch this episode only because it referenced Les Mis in the title, it just happened to be the first episode recorded on my grandma’s DVR) about him and his wife Amanda hitting each other with pillow sticks (or something that made me think of Sock ’em Boppers) as foreplay, which came off to me as kind of strange but amusing.  He then proceeds to suggest to Wind that he do this with his wife for his struggling marriage.  Then they begin whacking each other with pillows, until Vincent falls over.  Just something I could imagine a drunk Cohen talking Jack into, or doing with one of his “disciples”.  Probably Fitzpatrick.  He seems the most innocent.  Whoops, rambling again.

Anyway, most of what Cohen does is either strange or amusing…or for some, like the writer of BioShock: Rapture, just creepy.  They’re also both pretty self-absorbed, and do pretty neglectful things.  Vince just leaves silver nitrate out in the kitchen for his photography, warning Jane not to drink it (minutes after her older sister, Penny, drank some).  Sander meanwhile has absinthe lying around his house.  I mean, Jack can just walk in there and start drinking all that.  Do you have ANY idea how strong absinthe is?!

…Not…that I’ve…ever…tried…any…

…I just saw Moulin Rouge…

…So I assume that’s what happens when you drink strong amounts of it…

…And this somehow made Trent and Jane the great-grandchildren of the Wizard of Oz.

Dammit, does this mean I’m gonna have to compare the Lane children to Cohen’s disciples?

Separated at Birth-Aaron Covenant and M. Thenardier

When I saw the new Les Mis movie, I couldn’t get over the fact that Thenardier looked EXACTLY like a real life version of Aaron from Undying…if he didn’t have a moustache.  Guess Aaron and Bethany were actually triplets!



A Quick Les Mis Theory-Could Javert be Gavroche’s Father?

This is a small theory I came up with a little while ago, based off of the new movie version of Les Mis.  What if Javert was Gavroche’s biological father?

Think of it this way: when he lays his medal on Gavroche’s chest when he finds his body at the barricades, the tune to “he’s like the son I might have known” from Bring Him Home plays.  This clearly alludes to how Javert found the boy to be incredibly brave (the medal symbolizes bravery), and possibly in another life would have considered him a son.

But remember that Gavroche IS Madame Thenardier’s son.  Also recall that her relationship with her husband is NOT stable, and both could very well have had affairs prior to Gavroche’s conception.  We see Javert stop by for a few minutes to inquire as to where Cosette was taken, and Madame Thenardier explains that Valjean took her.  That’s all we SEE.  He could have stopped by later for more information…for some reason.  Ask if Cosette had any other relatives, something like that.  The Thenardiers are deceitful people.  Javert isn’t the type to give himself to anyone, and doesn’t indulge in “worldly pleasures”.  Madame Thenardier could have drugged him at this point and taken him then.  As for what Thenardier was doing…he could’ve been having an affair, too, or was on some sort of business.  Maybe he was repainting that darn sign for his inn again.

This clearly would not have worked in the book, seeing as how Gavroche was a toddler around this point, and is almost thirteen at death.  In the movie, however, he can’t be older than nine or ten, approximately the same gap of time between Valjean adopting Cosette and 1832’s uprising.

During the Robbery, Madame Thenardier attempts to distract Javert by showing some of her skin while her husband kisses up to him, to which he averts his gaze.  In ordinary circumstances, this would be viewed as Javert showing distaste in licentiousness, or giving into any kind of sexual desire.  But with the explanation above taken into account, the Thenardiers are in a much more destitute situation now, barely living off the streets.  If, indeed, Javert was the father of Gavroche, chances are Madame Thenardier wouldn’t forget who he was, coupled with his notorious reputation as a cop.  On her part, it could be a  “take me away from this freak and his family so that I can have a better life”–after all, she did “used to dream that she would meet a prince”.  Javert, meanwhile, if he remembered the event, would want nothing to do with her, seeing as how her actions would have been considered rape, ergo, a criminal offense.  Why wasn’t she jailed?  He couldn’t prove it, or was just ignored, the higher officials going, “Oh, a man raped by a woman?  How silly!  And a man of your standing?  Ridiculous, Javert!  >stereotypical French laugh<”

Also, up until his fatal revelation, the only time Javert shows any strong emotion not concerning Valjean is around Gavroche.

It’s not likely, but it is possible.